There are many resources already available to you for support. See the list of links below. There are also videos and tutorials available on through myCI. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, or drop in the workshop dates!

CI Keys Support – Getting Started for Students

Common Plugins

Fine Tuning 

WordPress Support



A template has been developed for those of you who want to spend more time on content and less time on design. Here is the template if you want to see if it might work for you. The idea is that you would change portions of the template to fit for you (images, content, etc.) however the design of the site and the menu is already done for you. If you are interested, please view the instructions that follow.

1. Login to
2. Click WordPress under Applications
3. Click the “install this application” button
4. Specify where you’d like this instance of WordPress installed (if you want it to be on the root of your site, e.g.:, then be sure that the “Directory” field is left blank)
5. Under the “Version” section, under “Content,” choose the “Nursing ePortfolio Template” option as pictured below:

6. Change your Website Title and Tagline if you wish under the “Settings” section. This can always be done and changed after WordPress has been installed.
7. Scroll down and click the “Install” button, and your site will be created using the template.

How to Add Digital Badges to your ePortfolio from Credly

  1. Go to your Credly account and login
  2. Click ‘My Credit’ listed under ‘Settings’ on the left hand side
  3. Click ‘Earned’
  4. Click ‘Categories’
  5. Click ‘Add Category’
  6. Create the name of your category
  7. Go back to your earned badges
  8. Click on the badge to add it to the category by clicking ‘Manage’
  9. Manage the badge by adding it to the new category you created by selecting the category name from the dropdown menu
  10. Be sure the eye icon above the category dropdown menu is open to public viewing, rather than closed
  11. Go back to categories
  12. Click the </> icon above the newly created category
  13. Select the format you would like your badges shared based on the options given
  14. Click ‘Get Embed Code’
  15. Select and copy the code provided
  16. You will paste the code on your CI Keys website on a page where you would like the badges to appear. Be sure to paste the code on the ‘text’ format of the page in CI Keys, rather than the ‘visual’ format (top right tab)